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  • CatalaseNow (INTL) (#25133)
  • Payout: $12.75
  • CR: 0.00%
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  • Vertical: Beauty Products

CatalaseNow (INTL)

CatalaseNow Super Premium Vitamin supplement was launched in 2011 on the research made about the Catalase enzyme and its ability to break down hydrogen peroxide. Catalase is naturally produced in our cells and is the primary ingredient of CatalaseNow to help support better looking hair.
We are so confident that CatalaseNow will result in thicker, fuller hair that we proudly back our product with a 100% money-back guarantee.

Targeting Tips:
Age range: Upper 30's - mid 50's
Gender of primary customers: 60% male, 40% female
Best country to target: US in metropolitan markets
Keywords, ad headings, ad copy converting the best: CatalaseNow, catalase, hair, supplement vitamins, best hair pill, best hair supplements, healthy hair pills, make fuller hair, catalase for hair

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