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  • Alpha Levo IQ (#26286)
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  • Vertical: Health/ Fitness & Weightloss

Alpha Levo IQ

Students, Executives, Athletes, and coaches have all used the ingredients in Alpha Levo IQ. It combines a Proprietary Neuro Activation Stack and a Custom Brain Support Amplification Matrix. Designed to help you achieve your goals.

The Neuro Activation Stack has ginseng and ginkgo biloba. Both ginseng and ginko biloba play prominent roles in herbal medicine. Each show promise for improving a variety of conditions.

How can you support your memory and thinking? Alpha Levo IQ's design blends mind and body support. The brain support amplification matrix is designed to support your brain's natural function.

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All references to “clinical tests” and “clinically proven.”
All statements making affirmative representations about the effectiveness and/or safety of the product.
Unauthorized use of a third-party name and or logo.
Falsified promotions (e.g., “tweeted” representation that the movie “Limitless” is based on the product).
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