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  • Win a Galaxy S5 - PIN SUBMIT (VN) (#26853)
  • Payout: $0.40
  • CR: 0.00%
  • EPC: $0.00
  • Vertical: PIN Submits

Win a Galaxy S5 - PIN SUBMIT (VN)

Win a Samsung Galaxy S5 Mobile optimized.

Do NOT send pop traffic to direct links without prelander.

This offer was added to PeerFly on Jul 12 3:32 pm and does require specific approval to run.

You can run traffic to it from the following countries: VN

Important Note

Any and ALL custom creatives/LPs must be submitted for review and approval PRIOR to use.
Creative guidelines: Implying users have already won is forbidden (ie. no instant winner). Must say "chance to win" or the like. Mimicking brands (Google, Apple, etc) as though they are responsible for the sweepstake is forbidden.
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  • Display traffic: Yes
  • Contextual traffic: Yes
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