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  • GAMESONLINEFORYOU - PIN Submit (UK) (#29132)
  • Payout: $7.50
  • CR: 0.00%
  • EPC: $0.00
  • Vertical: PIN Submits


Subscribe to GAMESONLINEFORYOU and get unlimited access each week to the best browser Arcade, Adventure, Puzzle games. Play all the games, any time from your internet broswer, mobile, etc.

OS / Devices: all iOS and Android 3G / 4G

Carriers: O2 / Vodafone / Three / EE

√ Top Converting Keywords: "Unlimited Mobile Game Play"

Top traffic sources: Clickjack, iframe, in-app. - If you do utilize these methods use them after 8PM and before 8AM.

This offer was added to PeerFly on Sep 29 10:40 am and does require specific approval to run.

You can run traffic to it from the following countries: UK

Important Note

-no wifi
-no "free" wordings
-no pornography
-no spam
-Submit Creatives for review prior to use.

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  • Social traffic: Yes
  • Search traffic: Yes
  • E-mail traffic: No
  • Display traffic: Yes
  • Contextual traffic: Yes
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