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  • MacBook Pro Email Submit [Exclusive] (#9017)
  • Payout: $1.60
  • CR: 2.52%
  • EPC: $0.04
  • Vertical: E-mail & Zip Submits

MacBook Pro Email Submit [Exclusive]

Get your very own Macbook Pro with $1000 Visa Gift Card!

This offer converts on valid Email submit, page 1.

This offer was added to PeerFly on Aug 30 3:04 pm and does require specific approval to run.

You can run traffic to it from the following countries: US

Important Note

Do not use youtube to promote this offer.

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  • Social traffic: Yes
  • Search traffic: Yes
  • E-mail traffic: No
  • Display traffic: Yes
  • Contextual traffic: No
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